WASABI SAUCE 170G わさびソース 158ML 米国向け

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With Original S&B Wasabi Sauce, you would experience the distinctive sharp sensation of heat in not only Japanese cuisine but also in many other dishes. Although it is milder than Wasabi Paste, which you may have experienced with sushi and sashimi, it still has the kick of Wasabi spiciness/sharpness. No coloring is added. It is ideal for steak, BBQ, dipping sauce for French fries, calamari, salad and many other dishes you would like.

Product of Japan

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Grilled Salmon

Omelet with Wasabi Sauce

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes with Bacon

Bacon and Avocado Club Sandwich with Wasabi Sauce

Fresh Tuna and Avocado Bowl with Wasabi Sauce

Wasabi Cream with Smoked Salmon

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