WASABI POWDER 300G 粉わさび 300G

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The S&B Wasabi Powder is made from select horseradish and manufactured with our own special technique. It is all natural (no color / additives used) and contains Wasabia Japonica. The pale green color comes naturally from horseradish and Wasabia Japonica, so it is also suitable for people who prefer all natural products. The beautiful packaging design with the traditional Japanese checkered is eye-catching. Enjoy its unique flavor and pungency just by adding it to many kinds of food, such as sauce for Sashimi and Sushi, Soba, Udon and meat dishes like steak and BBQ. It is a versatile product.

Product of Japan


わさび特有の素晴らしい風味と強烈な辛味がお料理を一段とひきたてます。 S&B粉わさびは淡い緑色は西洋ワサビと本わさび由来です。着色料、添加物は使用しておりません。

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